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Banana Daquiri

There's nothing more delicious than a silky smooth banana daquiri . It is a drink that will take your mental self to a tropical place !

The secret to making this drink great lies in the preparation . Unpeel your bananas and put them in a sandwich bag and place in your freezer for a couple of hours . This way when you blend them in a blender with the rest of your ingredients you don't need to use ice .The frozen bananas act as the cooling ingredient and as a thickener in this drink . The added bonus is that by not using any ice the drink is not watered down in any way and is full of flavor . The drink ends up having a great silky smooth mouthfeel to it.



2 oz. Spiced Rum ( I used Captain Morgans)

1 whole frozen Banana

1/2 oz. fresh lime juice

1oz demerara sugar syrup

Pinch of cinnamon



Blend all ingredients and pour into a suitable cocktail vessel.

Drink down and enjoy Rustys this drink is amazing ! Remember to drink responsibly and as always drink better.

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