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Rhubarb Rhubarb

Sometimes you buy a bottle of spirit and it sits there because you have no idea what drink to use it in . For me this bottle was Edinburgh Gins Rhubarb and Ginger . Delicious and pink it pairs just great with tonic on its own . But alas I'm here to make cocktails right ? So I searched and searched for the perfect recipe . So I bring to you now Rustys a drink so good its named twice . Rhubarb Rhubarb !

It brings the prominent flavor of rhubarb along with a subtle hint of spicy ginger and pairs it with the bitter notes of Orange from the Aperol . This combines with zingy fresh lime and a little simple syrup for sweetness .

This drink would be perfect in any situation but definitely in summer as it is a very easy sipper and you might forget there is actually alcohol in this drink.



2 oz. Rhubarb and ginger gin

1 oz. Aperol

1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

0.5 oz. simple syrup

3 dashes Orange Bitters

1 egg white



Add all your ingredients into a cocktail shaker without ice , and shake until the mixture is frothy .

Add ice and shake until your shaker is frosty cold .

Strain into an ice cold glass .

Drink down and enjoy .

Remember to enjoy responsibly Rustys and as always to drink better .

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