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0% Alcohol Cocktail The Raspberry Sapiir Smash

A great cocktail with 0 alcohol you say ? Well this is it !

If you love gin but can't have alcohol this really is an amazing alternative to swap out the alcohol and not miss out.

The team at Brunswick Aces really have something unique going on . They are an Australian brand which make alcoholic and non alcoholic spirits at their distillery in Brunswick which is in Victoria. Brunswick Gin and there Sapiir (the 0% alcohol version) isn't made like other gins , they individually distill each botanical , before blending them back together. I t really is a smooth and premium drinking experience.

This product from Brunswick Aces uses delicious and aromatic botanicals like , lemon myrtle , Tasmanian pepperberry , native wattle seed and of course Juniper.

I combined this unique 0% spirit with fresh raspberries , lime and sugar .

The result is an extremely well balanced drink which is enhanced by the botanicals from the Sapiir .



2 oz. Brunswick Aces sapiir 0%

0.5 oz. Sugar syrup

Juice of half a lime

4-5 raspberries



Muddle your raspberries in your shaker.

Add the rest of your ingredients.

Add ice and shake until tin is frosty cold.

Double strain over a chilled glass with crushed ice.

Garnish with mint and fresh raspberries

Give this one a go Rustys and let me know what you guys think ?

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