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How to make an Irish Coffee made by an Irishman

This drink is iconic . There are many recipes and rumours of its origin but only one thing is certain it must contain Irish whiskey to be called an Irish coffee !

The drink was made famous by Pulitzer Prize-winning "San Francisco Chronicle" columnist Stanton Delaplane, who frequented the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco during the 1950s. After tasting one in Ireland, at Shannon airport he and the bar’s owner, Jack Koeppler, attempted to recreate the warming elixir. They succeeded, and Deplante wrote about the drink in his column, which was read widely across the States. This helped to earn the drink a following at Buena Vista and across the world.

The drink consists of Irish Whiskey , demerara sugar , good coffee and a cold cream float .Sounds simple right ?

The secret to the cream is to not shake it too much. You still need it to be a pouring consistency. A good trick is to find yourself a protein shaker .Try and get one that has the metal spring inside to help mix everything together.

The mixture of delicious boozy sweet hot coffee is to be sipped through the thick cold cream. The contrast of hot and cold liquids is a delightful silky mouthful ...... bliss .



2 oz. Good Irish whiskey (i used Mcconnells)

1 Bar spoon of Demerara Sugar

4 oz. freshly brewed Coffee

Top with thickened cream



Warm your glass with hot water.

Add a bar spoon of demerara sugar to your glass.

Add 1.5 oz or 1 and a half shots of Irish whiskey , I used Mcconnells but use your favourite !

Add 4 oz. of freshly brewed coffee.

Give it a stir with your bar spoon so all your sugar dissolves.

Add your whipped cream to the top it should be of a pouring consistency still so it forms a layer on top.

Enjoy this one Rustys and remember to drink responsibly and better.

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