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Dalgona Coffee Cocktail

A Coffee fix cocktail with the trendy Dalgona Coffee.

For those of us (including me) who don't always manage to keep up with trending events , Dalgona coffee is a craze which started in early January 2020 from Korea .It became a global phenomenon in the midst of the global pandemic when it became the latest viral sensation on tiktok .

Basically it is a whipped coffee treat consisting of instant coffee , granulated white sugar and boiling water .If like me you like to make things quickly then use an electric mixer . Don't use a blender it will not work ! You can whip it with a whisk by hand but trust me it takes at least 4 - 5 minutes to get the consistency right. Speaking of the right consistency use an equal ratio of 1:1:1 parts of Coffee , Sugar and boiling Water .

For the cocktail I used Melbourne's own Mr. Black coffee liqueur and that was added to some heated coconut milk then topped with the Dalgona coffee .If you love a good caffeine hit then this is the recipe for you .Its creamy and delicious and the Dalgona not only gives it a coffee hit but gives the cocktail a lovely thick head.



2 oz. Mr Black

4 oz. heated coconut milk

Top with the Dalgona topping



Add all ingredients into your glass and top the mixture with the Dalgona Coffee.

Drink down and enjoy Rustys your going to love it .

Remember to enjoy responsibly and drink better !

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